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The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria (MWAN), Osun State is the association of all female doctors and dentists in the state, and these include medical and dental consultants, resident doctors, medical and dental officers across their ranks, female doctors in the Academia, in administration and private medical practitioners. MWAN Osun has current and potential members’ as medical women from both the public and private primary, secondary and tertiary health sectors in the state. The various public health institutions include the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife; Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha; Obafemi Awolowo University Health Center, Ile-Ife; Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo; State Ministries of Health and Hospital Management Board; Local Government Health Authorities.


MWAN Osun initially started as a zone under Oyo State between 1992 and 1994. A re-launching of the zone into a state chapter was however done in August 1995. Then, it became a full fletched chapter. The past presidents of MWAN Osun in chronological order include:

  1. Foluke Odetoyinbo was the 1st president between 1992 and 1994, before Osun State chapter was inaugurated.
  2. After the re-launching, the following have served as presidents in the association.
  • Professor Adenike Adeoye                     1994-1996 (Ist State Chapter   President)      
  • Tokunbo Aderonmu                               1996-1998
  • Dr Olukemi Akintujoye                          1998-2000
  • Professor Norah Akinola                        2000-2002
  • Professor Fola Faponle                          2002-2004
  • Professor Ebun Adejuyigbe                    2004-2006
  • Professor Yemisi Amusa                         2007-2009
  • Professor Wunmi Fatusi                         2010-2015
  • Dr Boladale Mapayi                               2015-2017
  • Dr yinyinola Ijadunola                           2017- 2019

The current president is Dr Seun Esan (2019 till date)


  Inauguration of New MWAN Executives

New executive members of the medical women association of Nigeria (MWAN) Osun State chapter were inaugurated on the 10th of January 2020. The event took place at the Lekan Badru House, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals (OAUTHC), Ile-Ife.

The goals of the executives in this current biennium is to have an all-inclusive association, where every member across the state is sought after, reached, we maintain communication with them and look out for one another. We hope to increase the buy-in of all members into the association, increase their commitment and belief in the association. This executive hopes to combat all forms of violence against women and especially the girl child

Meet the State Officers

  1. President                                         Dr Oluwaseun Esan
  2. President elect                                Dr Bridget Omisore
  3. Secretary                                        Dr Temidayo Adewole
  4. Secretary 1                                     Dr Tosin Lawal
  5. Secretary 2                                     Dr. Yetunde Akuma
  6. Treasurer                                        Dr Funmito Fehintola
  7. Treasurer                                        Dr. Bunmi Akinyemi
  8. Financial Secretary                         Dr Ronke Makinde
  9. Financial Secretary                         Dr. Ibukun Falope    
  10. Public Relation Secretary               Dr Ibidun Oloniniyi
  11. PRO                                              Dr. Funmilola Azeez
  12. Editor- in-chief                             Dr Abiodun Ajeigbe
  13. Editor-In-Chief                             Dr. Atinuke Ajani
  14. Crèche coordinator                      Dr Tade Ijarotimi
  15. Creche Coordinator                     Dr. Febisola Olaiya
  16. Well Woman Clinic Coordinator    Dr Fausat Oladele
  17. Research Coordinator                  Tosin Olorunmoteni
  18. research Coordinator                   Dr. Adeleye Omisore
  19. Young Doctors’ Forum Coordinator Knightess Oyibo
  20. YDF coordinator 1                         Dr. Oluwaseun Loto
  21. YDF Coordinator 11                       Dr. Karimat Lawal
  22. Osogbo zonal representative         Dr Tenilola Monsanya
  23. Ex-Officio 1                                  Yinyinade Ijadunola
  24. Ex-Officio 11                                 Boladale Mapayi



  1. Welcome parties for new female house officers and resident doctors

The MWAN Osun state chapter regularly conducts welcome parties for the newly employed houseofficers, medical officers and resident doctors in the various health facilities in the state. This is in a bid to intimate the new female doctors on the activities of the state chapter and how the chapter can support them in various ways. We also use this opportunity to get to know ourselves better.

  1. End of the year party for children

This is a program that children in the community look forward to on a yearly basis. It is usually a two days’ affair. Children in selected Orphanage homes in the state are visited. Food stuffs, gifts are distributed. They are visited by the executives and available members of the association. The children on admission in all the medical and surgical paediatric wards are also visited with a Father Christmas and Mascots. This is to bring fun to them during this season despite their conditions. They are given cooked food in packs, gifts and Christmas decorations such as balloons. We sing and dance with them in the wards.

The children End of Year program is usually concluded with a party for the children at our Crèche, children of members and also children from the community. We all come together with the mothers to sing, dance, play games, eat, drink and merry together.

  1. School outreaches

These activities were conducted targeting young girls in school. They are often brought together to a hall in the hospital and given talks on building their self-esteem, morality issues, empowerment, career talks and all. This has not been a very regular program, but we hope it will be re-activated in this biennium.

  1. Crèche service

The OSUN state MWAN crèche has existed for about 18 years now. It is domiciled at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife. The hospital management provided the building and have given the association great support all through the years. The Crèche is solely managed by the association and the staff are paid by the association. Oversight function is provided by a member of the executive of the association. The Crèche serves health workers in the hospital community as well as families in the community. It also serves patients who need the services of the crèche for a day while they visit their doctors in the hospital. The crèche runs from 7:00 am to 7:00pm. There are 6 minders with a supervisor. And children from a few weeks old to about 3 years of age are cared for at the crèche. The staff at the crèche have benefited from several trainings with a few organised by the United Nations Children Fund on the care of children at the crèche. We have enjoyed the faithfulness of God all through the years with no loss of any of the children within our care.

  1. Community Outreaches

MWAN Osun state has repeatedly shown their love and concern to the communities within the state by conducting medical outreaches. A major outreach providing both medical and surgical services was delivered to the Okuku community in the state about 10 years ago. And more frequent market outreaches sensitizing the market men and women on health conditions, basic medical screening have also been done.


The most recent of these Community outreaches was conducted in May, 2020. MWAN Osun visited three communities in Ejigbo Local Government Area (LGA) and another at the Egbedore LGA in Osun state said to be the epic centres of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state. The state produced MWAN customised 3-layered face masks and these were distributed to the elderly men and women in these communities. Sensitization talks with demonstrations on the pandemic, and the various prevention strategies were delivered. All the heads of the communities were also visited. Indeed, great was their joy and gratitude towards MWAN.

The association also distributed face masks to policemen at the security checkpoints as well as to the State Command Principal Officers. 

  1. Hospital Outreach

This includes outreach to patients on the wards, for example abused girl child. MWAN Osun have always supported victims of sexual abuse or other forms of violence against women and the girl child. We had had to provide clothes, groceries, gather and secure evidence and take over the entire care and management of victims in the hospital.


The most recent hospital outreach conducted by the association was in April, 2020. MWAN Osun provided customised 3-layered face masks that was distributed to all the female medical doctors in the state. In all the health institutions both public and private. This was to reiterate our commitment to the welfare of members and to encourage potential members who are yet to be committed to the association. The association distributed customised 3-layered face masks to all the security personnel at the two public tertiary health facilities in the state, the private tertiary health facility supporting the laboratory diagnosis of the COVID-19 cases in the state, as well as the State Hospital that houses the Emergency Operation Centre at the state Capital. About 350 face masks were distributed to the security personnel at the facilities in all.   

  1. The Well Woman Clinic

MWAN Osun collaborates with the Department of Community Health and the Department of Morbid Anatomy at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals to runs the well woman clinic for the past about 15 years. At this weekly clinic, the focus is on supposedly well women. Clinical self-breast examination and cervical cancer screening tests using the papanicolaou smear are conducted. The women are educated on self-breast examination. Other basic screening tests such as Blood Pressure monitoring, Urinalysis for glucose and protein, weight and height measurements to determine their body mass index are also conducted. The clinic is run by medical women only at these facilities. We hope to create more of such facilities across the health facilities in the state to combat non-communicable diseases among women. Mobilisation and awareness creation activities for the clinic are conducted in religious centres, and by partnering with associations of female dominated artisans such as the hairdressers and fashion designers in the community.

  1. Celebration of Special Health Days:

MWAN Osun have always joined voices with others in celebrating special world days.  The celebration of the International Women’s Day this year entailed the compilation and celebration of “Female First Timers” in the state, even if they are not from Osun state and this was not limited to the medical profession. We celebrated the first MWAN president in the Osun state chapter and while as a zone under Oyo state, the first female Vice Chancellors and Deputy Vice Chancellors, Provosts and Deans across the tertiary institutions in the state, the first female Deputy Governor, first female Governorship aspirant, first female Chief Judge, first female speaker at the National House of Representative who hails from Osun State, and the first female lawmaker in the State House of Assembly. We also celebrated the first female medical doctor as Commissioner for Health in the state, the first female University Chancellor in Osun State, First female professor in Osun state in their specialty nationally, first female medical doctors in key positions in their medical associations such as the Chairpersons or vice, and the first female resident doctors in male dominated specialties at the tertiary hospitals in Osun state. These women profile were compiled and published and as such celebrated. We are glad to have these trailblazers as our own. We will always celebrate them.

  1. House Meetings

These are the general meetings of members of the association. The frequency of the house meetings may vary in a year from 2 to 4 meetings per year. Two house meetings have been held this year.

  1. Symposia

MWAN Osun has conducted several symposia within the state at different occasions to educate the hospital community and members on several topical issues. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the association has hosted a weekly interactive session in the past 10 weeks on several topics which include “The medical woman as a mother in law, managing a Community of Practice, maintaining fitness all through life, managing our mental health, possible investment options for medical women, the medical woman as a leader, building a home garden, prevention, recognition and management of the sexually abused girl child, and women’s etiquette.” The sessions have been so interesting with several action points derived from them. They have also helped in bonding members of the association.

  1. Hosting of National Executive Meeting

MWAN Osun state hosted the National Executive Council meeting titled, “Investment that counts, advancing the Health, Right and Development of Adolescent Girls in Nigeria” in January, 2013 under the leadership of Prof. Olawunmi Fatusi. It was indeed a very successful event.

  1. Welfare of Members

MWAN Osun is known for defending the rights of its members, engaging in high level advocacy to ensure that the comfort of her members is achieved. The executives on behalf of the association have successfully defended the rights of female and pregnant houseofficers to resume their housemanship and complete their 3-month rotation per postings and go for breaks and resume to complete other postings whenever necessary. Pregnant employed houseofficers need not be denied resumption any longer if they are medically fit to resume.

We have also been able to garner the support of the management of our health institutions in Osun state to abolish all policies that prevent the resumption of newly employed pregnant female staff (not exclusive to doctors alone), especially in the very early phases of their pregnancies within the ambits of the Civil Service Rules. We have lent our voices to every form of physical abuse of female medical doctors in Osun state and across the country. We sincerely appreciate the management of our various health institutions for their support towards ensuring the welfare of our members, from equitable employment of female doctors and giving female doctors equal opportunities as the men. We look forward to more of this.

 Proposed Projects in the biennium

  1. E-newsletters: MWAN Osun State Chapter hopes to produce e-newsletters bi-annually.
  2. Creation of Judo clubs for girls and young women selected across primary and secondary schools within Osun. The young women will also include the young medical doctors’ forum such as female medical students and houseofficers. Every other interested medical woman will be welcome.
  3. Conduct school outreaches which includes: inter-school quiz competition, the girl child education for primary schools, health education on sex, rape, drug abuse etc
  4. Outreaches to orphanages: The association hopes to deliver welfare materials in form of food and clothing and other needed materials to these orphanages.
  5. Market outreaches (to include health education and medical screening for breast and cervical cancers).
  6. Celebrating World Special Days such as the World Cancer day, The World Oral Health day and so on.


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